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Rosemount™ 56 Dual Channel Transmitter


  • Product code: ITM-DP[792003]
  • View: 60
  • Unit: pcs
  • Status: Contact
  • Producer: Emerson/Rosemount™

Product details


  • Retrieve calibration and measurement information by accessing the data logger via USB
  • Design efficient processes by utilizing the built-in PID controller
  • At a glance view of pertinent information provided by the large customizable display
  • Transmit process parameters by utilizing HART or Profibus DP digital communications
  • Do more using a powerful device with data logging capability and PID control


Rosemount 56 Dual Channel Transmitter is a line powered device that can accept inputs from pH/ORP sensors, ISE, flow, current, conductivity (contacting and toroidal) sensors, turbidity sensors, and amperometric (dissolved oxygen, chlorine, and ozone) sensors

Accuracy [pH]: ±0.01 pH. [ORP]: ± 1 mV
Measurement Range [pH]: 0 to 14 pH. [ORP]: -1500 to +1500 mV
Material Polycarbonate, Type 4X and IP65
Dimension  6.2 in. L x 6.2 in. W x 5.2 in. H (157 mm x 157 mm x 132 mm)
Chanel 02
Relay Four alarm relays configured to measure the process as
Alarm or error with timer interval setting.
Output Current output: four positive outputs (4-20 mA or 0-20 mA,can be expanded)
Maximum load: 550 Ohms
Certifications/Approvals FM: Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, & D • Class Il & lll, Division 2, Groups E, F,&G • T4
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