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    Radar level measuring device

Rosemount™ 5400 Level Transmitter - Non-Contacting Radar


  • Product code: L-RD[350001]
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  • Producer: Emerson/Rosemount™

Product details


  • Air purging connection prevents clogging of the antenna in extremely dusty environments and applications prone to product build-up
  • Dual Port Technology provides optimal signal strength and sensitivity
  • Signal Quality Metrics detects and monitors abnormal process conditions such as antenna coating or foam
  • Solid measurement with unique solids algorithm


The Rosemount 5400 Level Transmitter provides accurate level measurements of liquids, slurries, and solid materials. The non-contacting measurement technology with no moving parts requires minimum maintenance. It measures the level top down and is therefore unaffected by most fluid property changes, like density and viscosity. The Rosemount 5400 is designed to overcome the challenges of obtaining reliable solids measurements. Its unique algorithm provides reliable measurement on solid materials in challenging conditions such as angled or uneven surfaces, multiple surface echoes, and on products with a low dielectric constant

Operating Pressure     Full vacuum to 232 psi (Full vacuum to 16 bar)
Operating Temperature -40 to 302°F (-40 to 150°C), -67 to 392°F (-55 to 200°C) for parabolic antenna
Communication Protocol 4-20 mA/HART®, Foundation™ Fieldbus, Modbus®
Antenna Type Cone antenna, Rod antenna, Process seal antenna, Parabolic antenna
Operating Frequency ow or high frequency options (6 GHz or 26 GHz)
Accuracy ± 0.12 inch (3 mm)
Repeat ability ± 0.04 in (1 mm)
Measurement range Max 115 ft (35 m)
Download catalogue https://www.emerson.com/documents/automation/flyer-rosemount-process-level-radar-start-up-commissioning-service-eu-version-en-79306.pdf